TA – ELITE TRAINING ROTTERDAM July 09th- 21st 2023. ​

TA ELITE -TRAINING ROTTERDAM July 09th- 21st 2023.

Registration & payment 

Below the registration for the air ticket to Amsterdam.

Traveling date: July 08th from New York and arrive Amsterdam July 09th
Traveling date: July 21st from Amsterdam to Newark and arrive same day.

USD 1370.00 per person incl. all taxes

Included in the price.
Flight Newark – Amsterdam r/t with Scandinavian Airlines
20 kilos of luggage plus 5 kilos of hand luggage per person
VIP assistance in Copenhagen Airport and escort to next flight.
Bankruptcy insurance
24/7 Concierge contact at Voya Travel

Deadline for participation February 18th 23
Payment date February 23th 23

It’s possible to make name change and cancellation until March
1st . 23 free of charge. After March 1st . The ticket is non-refundable.  

For payments to Voya Travel Incl please use routing number for:

Direct deposit/electric payment #063107513.
For wire transfer #121000248, Wells Fargo. 
And account number #9272336539.
Or Zelle. Please make a note ”name of the traveller”.

Credit card:
Please let us know if you would like a link for your credit card payments

Please note
that you have travel insurance in order. In case of cancellation of trip due to illness or other. 

Passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the return date.

Mail cz@voyatravel.com  Charlotte Zarp
Ph. no.  +45 20 13 27 55.   
Voya Travel Incl.